A-Bide Safety Solutions Pte Ltd
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A-Bide Safety Solutions Pte Ltd

For Industries & Employers

We are experienced, qualified and competent safety & health professionals with a mission of providing effective solutions to safety related problems and issues faced by industries and companies. The key in showing commitment towards safety & health is to provide adequate resources to address these problems and issues. One of the solutions for effective safety management is to provide adequate safety and health training to your employees. We are your chosen and available resource in providing effective safety & health training.

If you would like to have customized safety and health training, please email us at enquiry@a-bide.com
Other enquiries are also welcomed. We will try to propose to you the best safety solutions package for your company.

Some examples of customized training are: BBS (Behavioural Based Safety) Training, Enhanced Lifting Safety Training, CONSASS Audit Training, etc.

For Individuals who are new to construction industry safety & health matters

We guide and advise individuals who are new on safety and health during the training course sessions.

If you are interested in joining the construction safety & health industry, our training courses are the ones for you.

Safety Management Systems Audit, Risk Assessments and Site Safety Advisors

Need help on your Fall Prevention Plan, Lifting Plan & Risk Assessments? Need to check your own Safety Management System at your workplace at a low cost? Need Safety Personnel at your workplace? Call us to enquire on our services.

Available courses: Building Construction Safety Supervisors, Working At Height for Supervisors. Basic Traffic Control Course, CPR + AED.

Call us now at 66840783 / 68933771 or email us at enquiry@a-bide.com.

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